It takes about 1/2 day to get to Casa Maya, but the journey is easy and scenic. Whether you choose renting a car, taking a bus, flying domestic airlines, or even taking a water taxi… you will enjoy the journey. Watch for turtles and dolphins on the ferry!

Arrival by Air: Although Costa Rica has a new airport in Liberia, San Jose (SJO) is actually practical and often cheaper to fly into.  Since driving at night in Costa Rica is dangerous, if your plane doesn’t land before noon, I highly recommend staying at a hotel near the airport. If you arrive in SJO, you can make a stop in  charming San Ramon (1h away) with its microclimate and enjoyable temperatures.  Then get up early the next day and make the drive.  Or fly into Tambor on a domestic hop and we’ll arrange a pickup.

By Car:  From the San Jose airport it takes about 1.5 hours to drive to Puntarenas, about 1.5 hours to take the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera, and about 1 hour to drive from the ferry dock in Paquera to Casa Maya.  These times are approximate, your mileage may vary.  The drive is 99.8% decently-maintained paved road, where the only dirt roads are right before you get to Casa Maya.

The drive from Liberia can take about 4h, is straight forward, and taking the well paved roads is especially important in the rainy season.

Taking the ferry route from San Jose is generally the more relaxing one!